Terms of Service

By signing up for the Services You warrant that You are at least 18 years old, and legally capable of entering into a binding contract; or acting with the express permission and using the payment details of a person or organization who in turn is agreeing to be bound by the terms of this contract. You acknowledge and accept that Your use of the Services must be in accordance with the General Terms & Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy and Fair Use Policy. By nature of owning a FreeHosting.com account, You accept these Terms of Service.

Fair Use Policy

  1. FreeHosting.com offer unlimited web space and bandwidth with some account types. By this, we mean unlimited space for legitimate web site content and bandwidth for visitors to view it.
  2. Sites should not contain any material which does not comply with our content guidelines outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. FreeHosting.com provides unlimited, burstable bandwidth and Burstable RAM with some of the services and for these resources we require that you do not continuously use an unreasonable excess of such resources. Use of them in a temporary, burstable fashion is acceptable.
  4. FreeHosting.com offer large numbers of mailboxes with some account types subject to a fair use policy.
    1. Mailboxes are intended for direct use by the package owner and should not be resold or offered for use by third parties.
    2. Should the number of active mailboxes assigned to an individual hosted website exceed 100, FreeHosting.com reserve the right to restrict the number of mailboxes included in the package price.
    3. FreeHosting.com reserve the right to delete mailboxes (including contents) that are deemed inactive, i.e. have not been accessed within the last 180 days.
  5. Hosted files
    1. You may not use the Services as a file backup store.
    2. User generated backups must be immediately downloaded to client's local storage followed by immediate removal from the server in order to not occupy underlying file system.
    3. All files uploaded to a domain on our servers must be visible and accessible by visiting that domain, unless they are hidden files needed to operate the website.
    4. All files on a domain must be part of the active website hosted on our servers and linked to the site.
  6. You may not offer HTTP downloads from your site, other than where the files are directly related to the subject matter of the site. We recommend you stream any multimedia content including audio and video files. FreeHosting.com reserves the right to archive or remove any download content we do not believe to be necessary for the normal operation of the site, and the definition of this is entirely at the discretion of FreeHosting.com.

Our services

We provide various web hosting and domain registration services.

Free web hosting

We provide absolutely free web hosting with all features and tools you need to create a website. Free hosting is valid for the entire lifetime of your domain.

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Paid web hosting

Unlimited multi-site web hosting with value added features is suitable for any type of project. We offer 30-day money back guarantee for all purchases.

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Domain registration

Domain name is a unique identifier that allows Internet users to reach your website. We offer registration of domain names in gTLD and New gTLD zones.

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