Paid hosting package

Our paid hosting plan is perfectly suitable for massively popular blogs, e-commerce websites, and other projects that need greater power and extended resources.

Key benefits

With paid package you get not only all features of free hosting fully packed with all available upgrades, but several value-added services not available on free accounts.

You can enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted websites, MySQL databases,... unlimited everything, as long as your website comply with our simple and realistic Fair Use Policy.

Faster servers

Paid accounts are hosted on distinct platform built to deliver maximum performance.

Multi-site hosting

You can share all the great services among several websites under a single hosting account.

PHP process concurrency

You can have several request to a PHP script processed in parallel which is useful for heavy traffic websites.

Premium features

Set of features available only as part of paid hosting package.

Premium features

available only as part of paid subscription.

Web logs
Access to raw apache-style web server logs.

Web stats
Automatically generated statistics of visits to your website.

Archive and download your content and account settings.

Run various scripts and even binaries through CGI.

Custom PHP config
PHP configuration customization via ".user.ini" file.

Extended resources
Increased PHP execution time, memory and upload size limits.

Paid hosting features

included in paid hosting plan and available as upgrades of free accounts.


SSL certificate (https://) for all hosted websites and subdomains.


Multiple MySQL databases for all hosted websites.

PHP mail() and sendmail

Ability to send e-mail from website pages.


Secure shell access for developers and experienced webmasters.


Host discrete parts of your website on subdomains like

Cron jobs

Ability to run routine tasks on defined schedule.


Multiple e-mail accounts for all hosted websites.

PHP networking

Ability to access remote resources and perform API calls.

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Each paid hosting account comes with unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

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